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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to every user of this website. By using our website, you accept every term and condition provided below. Ensure that you are at least 18 years of age and must  read as well as agree with the entire terms and conditions of this website.

Ownership & Licence of this Website

Euro Global Services licensors own the complete rights of this website. You can only use the content of this site for logo designing purposes with our team. Our website terms and conditions restrict you to copy or share our site content such as text, images, audio material, video material, and any audio or visual material. Below are actions you must avoid while using this site:

  • Republishing material to another website
  • Selling product or service by using this website
  • Copying or editing the content of this website for any purpose

Site Limitations

Euro Global Services holds the right to restrict access to any page or information on this website. However, we provide clients a dedicated user ID and password to enable them access to every page and information of this site that is required for developing a logo design. If you want to explore every page of this website, then you must ensure to get a user ID and password from our sales team. In case of any suspicious activity, we own the right to temporarily or permanently disable your user ID and password with or without acknowledgment.

Content Uploading Policy

Any content that is shared or uploaded by the user to this site like text, images, audio material, video material and any audio or visual material for any purpose must not be illegal or unlawful. We do not entertain users that share or upload any content that has a third party’s legal rights as it can give rise to legal action against client or Euro Global Services. Furthermore, avoid sharing or uploading threatening, misleading, legal proceedings or other similar controversial content. Euro Global Services has the right to modify or delete any material that is shared or uploaded on their website servers. We do not undertake any responsivity to monitor the submission of content on this website.

Limitations of Warranty

Following are terms and conditions that Euro Global Services does not warrant on this website:

  • Continuous availability of this website or sales team
  • Client losses including but not limited to loss of sales revenue, profit, contracts, customer relationships, loss of data or any information and loss of intangible assets like reputation or goodwill
  • Every information that is shared on this website is for logo development only. In case of legal, financial or any else matter you should interact with appropriate professionals.


Euro Global Services sole purpose is to maximize the visibility of brands with a captivating, professional and unique logo design. We are not responsible for any:

  • fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation of our site
  • personal loss, injury or death of a client

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